Here goes…

Hi, my name is Hannah! This is my first venture into the blogging world and I’m a bit out of my element. Wordsmith I am not – On a good day, I capitalize and use correct punctuation. However, I feel that God is calling me to share my journey. I’ve hit many stumbling blocks on my walk with Him, I’ve even ventured WAY off the path a time or two. In the last year or two, I’ve just been going through the motions while I struggled to find him in my life. And while I opened my eyes enough to see a peek of him a few times, I had built my wall so tall, I just couldn’t keep peeking over it. Yesterday, that wall came crumbling down and I found myself broken and stumbling back on the path to His light. My hopes are that this blog will serve His will, as well as a journal of sorts, a catharsis as I find my way back home. I hope anyone who reads it will find kinship, comfort, and the Holy Spirit in my journey.  So, here we go……..


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